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Available For All Types Of Occasions & Events. Bringing Food From Our Paddock To Your Plate


We have a full size towable gas operated Pickwick jacket potato oven that we can provide you THE BEST jacket potatoes from. Crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside!
We can cook 120 potatoes every 90mins, with an additional oven to keep them warm, we can cater for any size of event. 
We use only real butter and provide a generous selection of hot and cold fillings: Chicken Curry, Beef chilli con carne, Baked Beans, Tuna mayo, Grated cheese & Homemade Coleslaw as standard or bespoke to your choice.

jacket potato oven pic.jpg


What's not to love... Pork Cooked the most flavoursome way! Crispy crackling, juicy tender pork, Sage & Onion stuffing and lashings of apple sauce served in a fresh soft roll.
Our own outdoor reared pedigree pork will be used when available if not then the next best will be provided by our local butcher.
Standard pig will easily serve 150 people with a good portion and ample crackling!

bill carving hog roast.jpg


Something for everyone all sizes of party catered for:

  • Breakfast Rolls

  • Bacon Baps 

  • Beef Burgers

  • South Paddocks Goat Burgers

  • South Paddocks Pork & Apple Burgers

  • South Paddocks Pork Hot Dogs

  • South Paddocks Goat Hot Dogs

  • Chips & Cheesy Chips

  • Selection Hot & Cold Drinks

When our own farm produce is unavailable we will use our local butcher to provide responsibly sourced local replacements.

pork and apple burger 2_edited.jpg
EVENT CATERING: What's Happening
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