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There are two types of alpaca the Huacaya that originate from the Andes Mountains and the Suri from the plains of North America. Here at South Paddocks we only have Huacaya alpacas and have a mixture of breeding and non breeding animals in our herd. All our Alpacas are sheared once a year and their beautiful fibre we make into products to sale from the farm and sell fibre direct to spinners to process into yarn. Alpaca fibre is unlike sheep wool in that its hypoallergenic, lanolin free, stronger, softer, warmer and retains less water. We offer walking and meet and greet experiences with our friendly alpacas here at South Paddocks.


We are members of the BAS (British Alpaca Society) and all our breeding females are BAS registered. We have breeding stock for sale and non-breeding pet/fibre only stock for sale. 
Alpacas make great pets if you have the correct housing and space for them. They make excellent poultry and livestock guards as they are herd animals and are immensely alert, protective and affectionate.

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We offer alpaca walking experiences around the farms 12 acres, take in the views of the Winterbourne Valley, walk through our orchard and see all the other animals here at South Paddocks.
We offer alpaca meet and greet experiences for those that don't want to or unable to go on a walk, involving an alpaca learning session, followed by interacting and feeding the alpacas.

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We make products using our 100% raw unwashed alpaca fibre from our South Paddocks herd. It can be used as:

  • Natural nesting material for birds. All of our bird nesting feeders are supplied with our fibre for the birds to use for nest building spring/summer and then they can be filled with feed balls/blocks during the summer/winter months.

  • Natural Bedding for pets such as hamsters gerbils rabbits etc.

  • Natural slug repellent when placed around plants.

  • Please note as the fibre is a completely natural product it may contain some organic matter but we do our best to remove as much as we can.

  • Available To Buy In Our Online Shop.

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All 3 of our alpaca fertilisers are 100% alpaca manure from our alpacas here at South Paddocks.

It has the highest most balanced nutritional contents than any other livestock manure, it does not need to be aged or composted before use like other manures it can be spread directly onto soil and is naturally rich in: Nitrogen to help plants foliage development and strength. Potassium for overall plant health. Phosphorous to aid root and flower growth.

Completely natural garden fertiliser that is: Chemical free, Pesticide Free, Herbicide Free and a Natural Deer Repellent. 

Excellent rich soil conditioner as well as being suitable for all types of: Seedlings, Shrubs, Flowers, Vegetable Patches, Houseplants, Pots, Baskets, and Containers.

We offer our fertiliser in 'teabag' form that makes a liquid feed, a shredded form that is to be sprinkled around tops of plants shrubs or used to make liquid feed in you own quantities or the whole bean which is a super absorbent and slower release form ideal for soil conditioning and enriching.

Available To Buy In Our Online Shop.

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